Thursday, October 17, 2019

Recyclene Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Recyclene - Assignment Example Another visible aspect that reflects the values of the company is the animation used and the nature of art involved in the website. The use of screw-like artwork has an impression that the company is involved in processing mission. Consequently, the nature of the artwork combined with the color expresses the fact that the company is involved in recycling process and more so the purpose of this process is to preserve and conserve the environment (Karamanos, 2001). The statement made by the leaders of the company signifies that they are environment oriented rather than profit oriented in their businesses. Consequently, they play a big role in shaping the organizational culture by being dedicated to the environment rather than the returns or profits associated to the recycling process. The underlying propeller behind the company is to do good by creating conducive environment (Karamanos, 2001). 3. Could Recycline easily change its organizational culture if the green products market encounters a backlash? Explain your answer. How would management know if a permanent change in culture has occurred? Based on the scenario presented in the video, it is undisputable that the company is wholly dedicated towards conserving the environment. The company’s culture is inclined towards green environment. This means that no matter what the market behavior would be, the company may not change its organizational culture easily. The possible way through which the management can know if a permanent change in culture has occurred is when the amount of products being recycled are too much to be accommodated by the company. Alternatively, it can determine the existence of permanent change by determining the use and utilization of its products by the consumers (Karamanos,

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