Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tech Guide 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Tech Guide 2 - Assignment Example software verifies eligibility of patients for every medical procedure, besides helping in automatic posting of remittance of workers (Tang and Stratton 566). In addition, AccuMed has the ability to provide custom reports as well as reminding medical officers and nurses of the appointments and scheduling. Further, the software can support HIEs connections with RHIOs through the help of HL7. Praxis EMR is a unique software for medical records that applies minimal reliance on templates. It gives healthcare practitioners easy time to manage appointments. It has billing system integration within it and gives room for charting directly between patients and medical officers and nurses. Further, Praxis EMR enables medical specialists to carry out an electronic prescription of drugs to patients. The health facility is unique because it can recognize handwriting and voices of both patients and medical officers. It also has HIPAA Compliant, lab integration, patient portal, and ONC-ATCB Certified. The management of the healthcare clinic facility has chosen Praxis EMR software. The reason for Praxis the choice is that it has several applications compared to AccuMed. It enables chatting, lab integration and handwriting and voice recognition that are lacking in AccuMed

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