Friday, November 1, 2019

Discussion Board Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Discussion Board - Essay Example Internet has emerged as the conveyer of leadership, synchronizer of teamwork, and facilitator of communication. Rapid networking has integrated most of the managerial and communication processes in and around the organization. No doubt, Internet has thus expanded the scope of organizational behavior manifold. (Nelson and Quick, 2007) In this context, the example of ObWeb can be readily furnished, which is an entire website dedicated to the cause of organizational behavior. The website serves two main purposes: First, it helps thought sharing, communication, and research in the field of organizational behavior. Second, it strengthens the organizational behaviorist patterns of the academics and professionals by serving as an interactive social media platform. Hence, the web portal provides a forum for the members to ask questions, get answers, post announcements, and engage in a dialogue to address the issues related to organizational behavior. (Leana, 2010) Internet is perhaps one of the strongest tools of information technology (IT). Internet has enabled us to access huge amounts of data, communicate with each other across thousands of miles, and facilitate trans-platform integration of different technologies like email, ecommerce, etc. However, in regards of organizational behavior, the potential effects of IT and Internet are not uniformly positive. Organizations that rely on sophisticated information technologies are more vulnerable to vandalism, espionage, and sabotage. Moreover, IT can create new social divisions. For example, the computer savvy may be put vis-Ã  -vis the nonuser and the educated may dominate the uneducated in newer ways. Faster ways to communicate through the Internet cannot substitute the critical human qualities like common sense and good judgment. Rather, too many channels of communication may lead to contradictions and confusion. Hence, advent of Internet has introduced new problems related to network

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