Friday, November 8, 2019

The system of alliances essays

The system of alliances essays The system of Alliances and Ententes was most responsible for Britain entering the First World War in 1914. It is the view of some Historians that Britain entered the first world war in 1914 due to the alliances and ententes, however others believe it a combination of other factor s that made Britain decide to join the war. During the time the war started Britain had strong links with France due to the entente Cordiale, Japan due to the alliance of 1902 and Russia in 1907.The Entente cordiale restored relations between the two nations and also the countries had military conversations making Britain feel obliged to enter a war because of these commitments There were also some people in the Foreign office who wished to make the Entente into a full alliance, this shows that there was support for the French within the cabinet of the time. The alliance with Japan was to maintain the status quo of the far east and was defensive only. There were also another alliance in Europe at the time besides the triple entente; The Triple Alliance involved Germany, Italy and Austro Hungary, if there was a war between the two and Britain was not involved, Britain may have become the dominant power in Europe however they may have suffered from reduction in trade from the European powers. However if Germany had won Britain may have been in danger of losing a period of Anglo German antagonism or even Germany would attack Britain. If Russia became the most dominant country in Europe, there would be problems in the Far East and Asia as well. It seems that Britain may have entered the war to try to gain the best outcome. However, Britain had made no formal military agreements with any members of the triple entente and was not obliged to join a war if France did. Britain had also agreed to maintain the neutrality of Belgium in the treaty of London in 1839, and Germany demanded to be allowed to go through Belgium causing them to ask for...

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